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What our happy customers say
From the beginning of the Amy Hafer Race for Awareness, we had a volunteer who coordinated all of our timing and computer logistics for our event. When he stepped down, we panicked. Thankfully, Eric at EO Sports Training came to the rescue! Eric is professional, reliable and very knowledgable about how to make your event run smoothly and efficiently. His wife helped us with registration, and they are both a welcome addition to the Amy Hafer Race. I can highly recommend Eric.

Stacy Green

Foundation Director - Wallowa Valley Health Care Foundation

I started working with Eastern Oregon Sports Training when we started the first Helix Heart of the Country Fun Run. Eric's willingness to help and provide exceptional timing services relieved a huge amount of stress on my plate. At first I had no idea where to begin and he was able to answer all of my questions and the participants had a wonderful time. Not only was registration a breeze, but participants were able to track their timing overall and compare to their age group. Every year since we have used Eastern Oregon Sports Training and have always had the best experience. I have and will continue to recommend using EO Sports Training to anyone that wishes to put on a similar event.

Breanne Parker

Race Director, Heart of the Country

Over the last four years I have been using Eastern Oregon Sports Timing for timing of the majority of our cross country races and for our fun runs that we put on. I have done a couple of meets without him and one fun run, and the difference that Eric makes is so obvious. When I have not used him I have been so stressed and spent hours prepping the timing and hours after inputting the results. Eric takes out all the extra stress and lets me focus on coaching and putting on the meet or fun run. In the four years his crew has been very efficient on getting the results done quickly. We have never had to slow down the meets for him, and has almost no mistakes. If a mistake is found he is quick about fixing it and he uses cameras to be able to go back and check the finish if there are any complaints from the racers or coaches. The cost has always been worth getting rid of the headache and hours spent in doing the timing. We have enjoyed our partnership that we have with Eastern Oregon Sports Timing and we will continue to use them for our meets and races.

Troy Blackburn

Race Director - Runners Soul XC Fest, Butte Challenge

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