Save the late fee!!

How would you like to save $5.00?  You can by registering early for any EOST event that’s listed on ItsYourRace that offers a choice of paying by cash or check.

I know how runners like to wait until the last second to decide if they want to race at a certain event.  I’ve certainly done it a lot in the past and I still do it to this day.  What if I get sick?  What if the weather is crappy?  With most races, you have to decide in advance if you want to race and take the chance that everything is going to turn out great on race day.  But there are a great number of runners who decide finally on race morning that everything is good enough to race and you know what?  Most race day registrations nail you with a late fee.  We do it at just about all of our EOST events.  It’s usually $5.00, sometimes $10.00.  It adds up after a while.

How about if I let you in on a little secret that EOST is implementing this year?  All it takes is a couple minutes of your time, it will save you the $5 or $10 late fee every time, and it will save you the anguish of trying to decide whether or not to sign up to race or not.

If you are committed to race at a certain event, by all means, register and pay the amount by credit card or by mailing in cash or a check.  But if you are not certain, heck even if you think there’s less than a 10% chance that you’ll run, sign up anyway by choosing to pay by cash or check.

By registering and choosing to pay by cash or check, several good things happen.  First, you put your name, address, age, gender, and race option directly into our database.  We no longer have to try to read smudgy paper applications, wondering if the spelling of your name is correct or wondering how old you are because you forgot to put it down in the rush to get it done.  Second, a waiver is automatically signed electronically.  Third, it allows us to keep much better track of things like shirt orders.  And finally, and this should be the best part for you, it allows you to deliver the cash or check payment in person on race day.  On race day, all you have to do is come up to our bib # pick-up line, give the person there your name, we look it up, see how much you owe, you pay, and we give you a bib #.  Plus, you just saved yourself the late fee because you registered early.

What if you don’t show up?  You get sick or you decide to sleep in instead (done that!).  That’s totally your decision and you know what, you don’t owe us a thing.  If you don’t show up, that doesn’t bother us at all.  But what if you ordered a shirt with your registration?  It won’t bother us because we won’t actually order your shirt until we actually receive payment for it.  That’s means if you don’t show up, we won’t order your shirt.  If you do show up and pay, we’ll order your shirt and mail it to you.

Will we miss not collecting the late fees from you?  To a certain extent, sure!  But you know, I’d rather have peace of mind, have a smoother race day experience, and I don’t mind at all keeping money in your pockets instead of mine.

So how to I register by cash or check?  Go to the registration site at ItsYourRace for the particular event you want to enter.  Click on the green “Register Now” button.  Directly below where it says “Select Payment Method” is a drop-down box.  If you choose Credit Card, you will have to enter your card number at the end of the transaction and you will be charged immediately.  The other options are Cash or Check.  Complete your transaction and hang onto your money, unless you are sure you actually want to compete and/or get your shirt on race day, in which case you can mail your money in.

It’s that simple.  I really hope a great number of you will try this out.  It’s guaranteed to make your life a little easier.  Plus you have some lunch money for after the race.

See you at the races!


Eric Jensen
Eastern Oregon Sports Training LLC