Jaguar Chip Timing

Eastern Oregon Sports Training's chip timing services utilize Jaguar Chip Timing, the most advanced and reliable RFID chip timing equipment and software available. Innovative Timing Systems produces Jaguar Chip Timing hardware and software in St. Louis, MO. Every component of the Jaguar timing system leads the industry.

How to wear your bib

The timing chip is located on the back of the race bib #. Here is a document explaining how to wear your bib.

Jaguar RFID Chips

EOST utilizes chips which are the most athlete friendly available today: Feather light, unobtrusive, simple, reliable, weatherproof and disposable. You don’t have to put down a deposit or pay for lost chips. The only exception are triathlons and other multisport events, where a resuable chip is used. You don’t have to badger your customer to pay for a missing chip. Because you don't have to collect chips at the end of the race, you need fewer volunteers to make your event a success; or you can use those extra volunteers to provide a better experience for your participants.

For running races, the Jaguar KF-Chip is simply stuck on the back of the race bibs in advance. The runner then pins it to their chest as usual. There is NO need for runners to remove the chip from the bib and try to attach it to a shoe as with some timing systems.

The Jaguar chips work great for cycling events. The fastest cyclist is not a problem for the Jaguar systems. The chips have the ability to be read at speeds up to 200mph! For cycling events the chips simply adhere to the cyclist's helmet or bike number plate. No ankle straps needed.

EOST can also time your triathlon, with complete transition splits. For triathlons and swimming events, I can use the reusable Jaguar T-Chip. Even then, our T-Chips have an industry low fee for uncollected chips of only $20. For triathlons I use ankle straps to attach the chips.


Most timing systems pose very real hazards to your participants as timing mats are placed on the ground. EOST doesn't use mats on the ground! I place antennas overhead and/or to the side of the start/finish line or other timing point. There's nothing for participants to trip on or stumble over crossing the line. This is an even bigger advantage when your finish line is on dirt or other uneven surface as mats simply don't lay down well on any surface that is not very smooth.


While I can't guarantee every chip will be read (no one can), the main reason for a missed chip read is that a runner or rider simply fails to wear their chip. At every event, an athlete will simply not follow the simple instructions to either pin the bib to their chest or stick the chip on their helmet or attach the number plate to their bike. Even so, in situations where an athlete put the chip in their pocket, in their sock or even their Camelback, Jaguar usually can still read the chip.

If an athlete loses or forgets their chip, or the chip fails to read, the Jaguar software allows for manual entry of bib numbers, in real time, instantly integrated into the results.

As a final backup, I also use a video system.


A racer's results are available just after they cross the finish line. No waiting. Results are continuously displayed on a monitor. I can also print up-to-date reports of your race results during the event as you desire. If you wish, I'm able to instantly post your racer times to the internet as they finish. Racers' friends and family can follow the race results as they come in and the racers can use their web-enabled phones to check the results while at the race. I can also send each finisher a text message with their finishing time as soon as they finish. My timing services allows you to have your awards ceremony promptly while your racers are still at the event and the festival atmosphere is still going strong. After your race, I provide you with an Excel spreadsheet and/or pdf with your complete results and any printed results you request.

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